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By: E. Elber, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Vice Chair, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine

In cultures that don’t classify heterosexuals and homosexuals treatment of pneumonia trecator sc 250mg with amex, men are capable of sexual attraction to medicine technology order genuine trecator sc on line both men and women medicine ball buy generic trecator sc 250mg. Social constructionists call those who disagree with their major points “essentialists. It is difficult enough to know about the sex lives of Americans to day, even though we can discuss the question with at least some current inhabitants of our culture. Furthermore, social sci entists have completed several large and ambitious surveys on this to pic during the past decade. Typically, the researchers identified a representa tive sample (of Americans, for example), and telephoned them, asking them to participate in a sexuality survey. A standard interview was used that included questions such as: “How many same-sex partners have you had during your lifetimefi We know exactly what percentage of people declined to participate, and some studies even tried to get at the reasons for non-participation. There remains controversy about how frequently people commit adultery, for example, and the estimated prevalence of homosexuality varies widely, from less than Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. The fact that we can’t get complete accuracy is not all that surprising, given the sensitivity of the to pic. Rather, they get remnants and pieces, from art, law, myth, fiction, graffiti, his to ry, philosophy, politics, and poetry. To the extent that different sources of information all convey a similar picture, we can be more confident. Still, there is no reasonable dispute that we can be much less certain of facts about Ancient Greek sex lives than we can about the facts of American sex lives in our own time. His to rians’work is important, but it just can’t be nearly as conclusive as even contemporary social science can be. As one prominent his to rian put it: “A scene on a vase may not tell us any more about a middling Athenian than a Wedgwood china pattern tells us about aVic to rian hackney driver. Typically, these relationships involved an estab lished older man and a younger adolescent boy, the younger partner (the“eromenos”) being near the age of first growing a beard, the older (“erastes”) often an older (bearded or lightly bearded) adolescent or unmarried young man. The older partner could also be a married man—marriage was largely non-companionate in Greece. The rela tionship was cemented by the older partner giving the younger a gift, often shown on vases as a cockerel (a young rooster). The main sexual activity depicted on vases was intercrural intercourse, in which the older partner inserted his penis between the thighs (but not in the anus) of the younger partner, thrust ing until ejaculation. Nobody on either side of the social construc tionist debate denies that this practice existed. Not sur prisingly, careful scholars admit that there is much we don’t know about the sexual practices and desires of the Ancient Greeks. One problem is that Ancient Greece included many diverse cultures— Sparta, Athens, Crete, among others—and several centuries. For example, far from being widespread,“pederastic” relationships between men and adoles cent boys were viewed as a decadent practice of the aris to cracy. Par ents often tried to prevent their sons from entering these relationships (as the younger member). The Greeks were especially in to lerant of receptive anal intercourse, which they viewed as an abomination against nature. More important, the record we have shows that some Greeks rec ognized that at least some people had a homosexual preference. For example, Aris to phanes portrayed Agathon as a feminine man who en joyed receptive anal sex. In Pla to ’s Symposium, Aris to phanes related a creation myth in which originally there were three sexes: men, women, and a combination of the two. Zeus cut each sex in half, and from that point, each person was driven to find the missing half. Thus, the man created by cleaving a complete man in half was homosexual, whereas heterosexual men and women were created by cutting the original androgyne in half. The his to rian John Boswell documented the exist ence of obviously heterosexual or homosexual characters in Greek literature. The Romans, just a few centuries later, had a word to describe feminine, exclusively homosexual men: cinaedi.

Actions taken to treatment deep vein thrombosis buy trecator sc paypal prevent all forms of corruption Finally symptoms 5 days past ovulation purchase trecator sc without prescription, Ipsen launched an innovative syringe technology: Ipsen has adopted a continuous improvement approach Somatuline Depot Injection for the treatment of neuroendocrine for its anti-corruption program medications 25 mg 50 mg safe trecator sc 250 mg. Ipsen also joined the United tumors to reduce medical waste and protect against needle stick Nations “Global Compact” program in 2012, confirming the injuries. Ipsen won the California Product Stewardship Council’s Group’s commitment to fighting corruption in all its forms. During this first year, several processes have requirements that should be satisfied. In addition, Global Guidance on Interactions with patient infrastructure to support ongoing program moni to ring and organizations and patients has also become effective to set reporting requirements. The entire compliance infrastructure undergoes Although Ipsen expects the full benefit of these processes to a continuous assessment with the objective to strengthen the materialize only in the coming years, Ipsen’s results actually anti-corruption measures across all components of the Ethics exceeded its objective for the year. Ipsen’s continued commitment to the highest ethical standards As a pharmaceutical company, pharmacovigilance is a key has been communicated through the recently revised activity within Ipsen with both ethical and legal aspects. The Ipsen pharmacovigilance system is continuously being developed to increase performance and measurability of all the achievement of these objectives requires the collection compliance critical pharmacovigilance activities. Furthermore, and evaluation of adverse event data from all sources the Ipsen pharmacovigilance system is regularly Inspected by worldwide and the insurance that the data is accurately regula to ry agencies In the markets where Ipsen is present. This database provides and Preventative Actions in relation to these inspections are information for the ongoing assessment of the benefit-risk either completed or on track for completion. The data In 2018 six safety signals were detected for Ipsen products, is examined using state of the art software and statistical three signals were validated and resulted in updates to the analyses to look for safety signals, which are then evaluated product information. No changes to product benefit/risk to ascertain whether these constitute new risks or changes for Ipsen products were identified which was confirmed by to existing risks. Regular aggregate reports of safety data are relevant competent authorities on submission of periodic prepared for submission to health authorities according to safety update reports. Such collaborative working may also • To ban discrimination in respect of employment and involve Ipsen partners when the product is the subject to a occupation. This central reporting file has been introduced registration document are shown without the Joint Ventures. Absenteeism data are collected separately: It is nevertheless advisable to note that the extra-financial reporting does not benefit from the same maturity as the • For France, they are retrieved from the French payroll financial reporting. The practical modalities of data collection system, are still to be perfected, considering the diversity of Ipsen. The joint venture of disabling injuries due to the work with and without lost time Cork is included in the perimeter of this reporting as this site x 1,000,000 / number of hours worked). This report should be read in conjunction with, and construed in accordance with, French law and professional standards applicable in France. Company’s responsibility the Board of Direc to rs is responsible for preparing a company’s management report including the Reporting legally required, including a presentation of the Company’s business model, a description of the main non-financial risks, a presentation of policies implemented with respect to such risks and the results of these policies, including key performance indica to rs. The Reporting has been prepared while applying the Company’s procedures (hereafter the “Referentiel”) which main items are presented in the Reporting and available on the Company’s website and on request at the company’s head office. Independence and quality control Our independence is defined by regula to ry texts, the French Code of Ethics (Code de deon to logie) of our profession and the requirements of article L. In addition, we have implemented a system of quality control including documented policies and procedures regarding compliance with the ethical requirements, French professional standards and applicable legal and regula to ry requirements. Statu to ry Audi to r’s responsibility as an independent third party On the basis of our work, our responsibility is to express a limited insurance conclusion upon: • the compliance of the Reporting with article R. Such tests were performed on a selection of entities(2) and cover between 22% and 100% of the consolidated data for the key performance indica to rs and results. We consider that the work we performed based on our professional judgement, is sufficient to provide a basis for our limited insurance conclusion; a higher level of insurance would have required us to carry out more extensive procedures. Means and resources Our work involved 5 individuals and was conducted between December 2018 and February 2019. We were assisted in our work by our sustainability experts and performed about 10 interviews of people in charge of drafting the Reporting. Conclusion Based on the work performed, no material misstatement has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the Reporting is not compliant with legal and regula to ry requirements. It and legal information and includes in particular the Board determines strategy and oversees its implementation. It will be to the powers expressly granted to Shareholders’ Meetings presented to the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting to and within the limits of the Company’s corporate purpose, the be convened in 2019 to review and approve the financial Board of Direc to rs considers all issues related to the efficient statements for the financial year ended on 31 December operation of the Company and, through its deliberations, 2018, in accordance with the provisions of Article L. It has been prepared with the the Executive Management of the Company is provided by a assistance of Executive Management, the Human Resources Chief Executive Officer.

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Neuroleptic medications include so-called conventional medicine 513 purchase 250mg trecator sc overnight delivery, "typical medicine 1950 generic trecator sc 250 mg with amex," or first-generation antipsychotic agents 10 medications buy trecator sc discount. The clin­ ical features described below are those considered most important in making the diagno­ sis of neuroleptic malignant syndrome based on consensus recommendations. Diagnostic Features Patients have generally been exposed to a dopamine antagonist within 72 hours prior to symp to m development. Extreme elevations in temperature, reflecting a breakdown in central thermoregulation, are more likely to support the diagnosis of neuroleptic malig­ nant syndrome. Generalized rigidity, described as "lead pipe" in its most severe form and usually unresponsive to antiparkinsonian agents, is a cardinal feature of the disorder and may be associated with other neurological symp to ms. Creatine kinase elevation of at least four times the upper limit of normal is commonly seen. Changes in mental status, characterized by delirium or altered consciousness ranging from stupor to coma, are often an early sign. Affected individuals may appear alert but dazed and unre­ sponsive, consistent with cata to nic stupor. Au to nomic activation and instability—mani­ fested by tachycardia (rate >25% above baseline), diaphoresis, blood pressure elevation (sys to lic or dias to lic >25% above baseline) or fluctuation (>20 mmHg dias to lic change or >25 mmHg sys to lic change within 24 hours), urinary incontinence, and pallor—may be seen at any time but provide an early clue to the diagnosis. Tachypnea (rate >50% above baseline) is common, and respira to ry distress—resulting from metabolic acidosis, hyper­ metabolism, chest wall restriction, aspiration pneumonia, or pulmonary emboli—can oc­ cur and lead to sudden respira to ry arrest. A workup, including labora to ry investigation, to exclude other infectious, to xic, met­ abolic, and neuropsychiatric etiologies or complications is essential (see the section "Dif­ ferential Diagnosis" later in this discussion). Although several labora to ry abnormalities are associated with neuroleptic malignant syndrome, no single abnormality is specific to the diagnosis. Individuals with neuroleptic malignant syndrome may have leukocy to sis, metabolic acidosis, hypoxia, decreased serum iron concentrations, and elevations in se­ rum muscle enzymes and catecholamines. Findings from cerebrospinal fluid analysis and neuroimaging studies are generally normal, whereas electroencephalography shows gen­ eralized slowing. Au to psy findings in fatal cases have been nonspecific and variable, de­ pending on complications. D evelopm ent and Course Evidence from database studies suggests incidence rates for neuroleptic malignant syn­ drome of 0. The temporal pro­ gression of signs and symp to ms provides important clues to the diagnosis and prognosis of neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Alteration in mental status and other neurological signs typically precede systemic signs. Some cases develop within 24 hours after drug initiation, most within the first week, and virtually all cases within 30 days. Once the syndrome is diagnosed and oral antipsychotic drugs are discontinued, neuroleptic malignant syndrome is self-limited in most cases. The mean recovery time after drug discontinuation is 7-10 days, with most individuals recovering within 1 week and nearly all within 30 days. There have been reports of in­ dividuals in whom residual neurological signs persisted for weeks after the acute hyper metabolic symp to ms resolved. Total resolution of symp to ms can be obtained in most cases of neuroleptic malignant syndrome; however, fatality rates of 10%-20% have been reported when the disorder is not recognized. Although many individuals do not experi­ ence a recurrence of neuroleptic malignant syndrome when rechallenged with antipsy­ chotic medication, some do, especially when antipsychotics are reinstituted soon after an episode. Risk and Prognostic Fac to rs Neuroleptic malignant syndrome is a potential risk in any individual after antipsychotic drug administration. It is not specific to any neuropsychiatric diagnosis and may occur in individuals without a diagnosable mental disorder who receive dopamine antagonists. Clinical, systemic, and metabolic fac to rs associated with a heightened risk of neuroleptic malignant syndrome include agitation, exhaustion, dehydration, and iron deficiency. A prior episode associated with antipsychotics has been described in 15%-20% of index cases, suggesting underlying vulnerability in some patients; however, genetic findings based on neurotransmitter recep to r polymorphisms have not been replicated consistently.

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