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By: P. Miguel, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

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Diagnosis talasemia intermedia dengan ikterik kolestasis berat dilaporkan enam bulan sebelum masuk rumah sakit medications versed buy generic hydrea 500mg line. Pada pasien dilakukan tindakan kolesistektomi terbuka dan pemeriksaan batu empedu medications ok to take while breastfeeding order 500 mg hydrea otc. Fasting blood of 22 forms hemoglobin F (HbF) treatment eczema 500 mg hydrea for sale, which is the major sugar and electrolyte were still normal. Common bile duct dilated on liver sonography (left) she did not consume drugs, herbal remedies or alcohol and multiple stones in gallbladder (right) and she said that she was healthy with no past history On day 17th of hospitalization, patient underwent of diabetes mellitus, chronic hepatitis, hypertension, endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography and gallstone disease. Bone marrow expansion also results exploration with anastomosis of the common bile duct in characteristic deformities of the skull and face, to the duodenum (choledochu-duodenostomy) and severe osteopenia, and increased iron absorption. During exploration, the surgeon found are several complications in thalassemia intermedia multiple black gallstones and common bile duct stones. Endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography complicates hepatic cirrhosis secondary to viral showed dilation and multiple stones in common bile duct infection or iron overload. It as thalassemia intermedia according to the clinical is considered chronic if it last more than 6 months. Third, a relative indication for Eight patients received operations on an elective or open exploration is large or multiple stones or the need semi-elective basis. Elevated liver iron consentration is a including splenectomy, transfusion therapy and iron marker of increased morbidity and mortality in patients with chelating therapy. High incidence of cholelithiasis in older the future, complications related to iron overload and patients with homozygous beta thalassemia. Management of common bile-duct hemoglobin electrophoresis pattern in beta thalassemia major stones and associated gallbladder stones surgical aspects. Overview on practice in thalassemia 124 the Indonesian Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Digestive Endoscopy. Contents lists available at CurrentSciDirect Publications International Journal of Current Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research CurrentSciDirect Journal homepage: Patients over the passage of time land to chronic Clinical evaluation cholecystitis. They have an abnormal liver function test with clinical features suggestive of gall Gall bladder bladder disease. Therefore, systematic step by step reviews of various investigations are important in diagnosis of gall bladder disease. The first step includes clinical evaluation of the patient followed by estimation of enzyme markers. The seriousness of disease can be estimated from combined information of clinical examination & specialized biochemical tests. Specialized enzymatic markers are helpful for proper follow-up as delay can be devastating. It can form a platform for malignant & cirrhotic changes of liver: Present study has been undertaken to avoid dreads by simple clinical enzyme study. Purpose was to single out a parameter which is most significant & may help as an endoscope to Surgeon for timely intervention. Introduction Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder that develops irritated and swollen gallbladder. Infection or trauma can also over hours, usually because a gallstone obstructs the cystic duct if cause cholecystitis. Casual treatment can lead to malignant or it develops slowly over time it is called chronic cholecystitis cirrhotic changes. Relevent cirrhosis here is biliary cirrhosis which Symptoms include right upper quadrant pain and tenderness, more often can be complication of biliary stones [5-9]. Forty cases Acute cholecystitis is the most common complication of comprised forty healthy subjects of either sex ranging between cholelithiasis. Conversely, > 95% of patients with acute 20—65 years of age establishing the normal serum values of cholecystitis have cholelithiasis.

Guggulipid is extracted from guggul and contains plant sterols (guggulsterones E and Z) which are thought to symptoms 0f ovarian cancer buy generic hydrea from india be its main pharmacologically active constituents (Ulbricht et al 2005) symptoms hyperthyroidism purchase generic hydrea from india. The guggulsterones act as antagonists of the bile-acid receptor and of the farsenoid X receptor medicine 666 cheap hydrea master card, which are involved in bile acid regulation and cholesterol metabolism. Crude guggul contains ion-exchange resins that may remove bile from the intrahepatic circulation (Urizar et al 2002, Wu et al 2002). According to one review, eleven clinical studies have generally demonstrated that guggulipid from C. In this study, anti-inflammatory activity was more marked than that of hydrocortisone (Kimura et al 2001). Although this suggests the effects may be clinically significant, further investigation is required. A 2003 in vitro study investigating the effects of myrrh oil on a number of key cells implicated in gingivitis found that low concentrations of myrrh oil reduced gingival fibroblast production of proinflammatory cytokines and, therefore, the participation of these cells in gingival inflammation associated with gingivitis and periodontitis (Tipton 2003). Although no clinical trials are available, the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent and local anaesthetic activities of myrrh provide a theoretical basis for efficacy. In two reports, the duration of the lipid-lowering effect continued for 6–20 weeks after discontinuation of therapy (Gopal et al 1986, Nityanand et al 1989). One clinical study showed the lipid-lowering effects of a preparation of Myrrh 868 guggul fraction A (1. However, those with hypertriglyceridaemia responded better to clofibrate (Nityanand et al 1989). Many of these trials have been criticised for being small and methodologically flawed or poorly reported (Ulbricht et al 2005). Again, more large-scale clinical trials need to be done to assess the efficacy of guggulipid in hypercholesterolaemia. Myrrh has been used to treat infections, respiratory conditions, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, pharyngitis, respiratory catarrh, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, menopausal symptoms, wounds and haemorrhoids. After malaria, it is the next most important parasitic disease with chronic infection causing significant morbidity. Currently, the drug praziquantel is often recommended, but it does not affect the immature stage and may not abort an early infection. Due to these factors, there is great interest in discovering alternative treatments. One clinical study involving 204 patients with schistosomiasis produced impressive results with a 3 day oral dose regimen producing a cure rate of 92% (Sheir et al 2001). However, two randomised trials, controlled with the drug praziquantel, have both shown little effectiveness of myrrh against the parasite (Barakat et al 2005, Botros et al 2005). Fascioliasis Human fascioliasis occurs in Europe, Africa, China and South America and is infection with Fasciola hepatica, which is acquired by eating contaminated watercress. The flukes mature in the bile ducts and cause biliary tract obstruction and Myrrh 869 liver damage (Beers & Berkow 2003). Furthermore, high eosinophil counts, elevated liver enzymes and Fasciola antibody titres returned to normal. A field study showed that myrrh (1200 mg daily for 6 days) cleared the parasite in 94. Historical note — Myrrh and mummification Chemical treatments were an essential part of the mummification process in ancient Egypt. Several different plant products were used in the process, one of which was oil of myrrh. Interestingly, modern-day research has discovered that the oil has molluscicidal properties against several Egyptian snail species, suggesting it may have been a wise choice for protecting mummified remains against destruction (Allam et al 2001). Myrrh 870 © 2007 Elsevier Australia · Paint: the undiluted tincture can be applied directly to gums or mucous membranes of the mouth two to three times a day. The standardised guggulsterone (guggulipid) preparations tend to be far better tolerated. A clinical study confirmed guggulipid reduces bioavailability of this medicine (Dalvi et al 1994).

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In the absence of this antioncogenic chromosome medicine dictionary pill identification purchase 500 mg hydrea free shipping, the retinal cell division continues unchecked causing retinoblastoma symptoms genital herpes purchase hydrea 500mg free shipping. The tumor is transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait with irregular penetrance treatment 7th feb cardiff cheap hydrea 500 mg fast delivery. Several families are known wherein three or four successive generations are affected. Origin the tumor arises from the premature cells of photoreceptor elements in the outer retinal layers as there is similarity between the fetal retinal cells Figs 21. Fleurettes (Courtesy: Drs J Biswas and M Shanmugam, Retinoblastoma is usually of multicentric origin. The mitotic figures are usually fundus appearance, the tumor may be classified numerous and cell necrosis is widespread. Other into two clinical categories: histological features may include calcification and 1. Endophytum—the tumor growing towards perivascular deposits of deoxyribonucleic acid. It can be detected by Endophytic retinoblastoma protrudes from the retina radiology and ultrasonography. It is easily seen by an ophthalmoscope and there is no associated retinal Clinical Features detachment. It appears as a white fluffy or pink Leukocoria or a white pupillary reflex is the most colored mass having neovascularization over the common (50%) presenting feature of retinosummit (Fig. Occasionally the endophytic retinoblastoma may simulate endoLike malignant melanoma of the choroid, the phthalmitis. Exophytic retinoblastoma grows in the subretinal space Stage of quiescence: the stage of quiescence may and causes extensive detachment of the retina. The extraocular fungating mass projects between the lids and undergoes secondary infection mimicking panophthalmitis. Stage of metastasis: the common identified sites of metastatic spread of retinoblastoma include brain, flat bones of cranium, iliac crest and sternum, and lymph nodes. Intracranial involvement is attributed to a direct extension of the growth along the optic nerve. However, retinocytoma differs histologically from retinoblastoma on the following points: (i) retinocytoma cells have more cytoplasm and show no mitosis, and (ii) necrosis is usually absent in retinocytoma. When bilateral retinoblastoma is associated with a tumor of pineal gland (pinealoblastoma), the condition is called trilateral retinoblastoma. The clinical picture mimics anterior and intracranial calcifications and enlargement uveitis. B-scan ultrasonography may show a tissue through scleral emissaries or by direct cauliflower-like mass arising from the retina Intraocular Tumors 341 Fig. Other diagnostic modalities Enucleation: It is indicated when retinoblastoma include estimation of aqueous lactic acid dehydroinvolves more than 50% of globe or when orbital genase level and fine needle aspiration or excisional or optic nerve involvement is suspected. Magnetic resonance imaging is useful to nerve stump must be of more than 10 mm avoiding detect the extraocular extension of retinoblastoma. Histopathological confirmation of the involvement Differential Diagnosis of optic nerve warrants postoperative radiation or chemotherapy. A number of conditions may mimic the clinical picture of retinoblastoma and they cause a diagDebulking of the orbit: the debulking is indicated nostic puzzle. Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous chemotherapeutic drugs such as carboplatin, 4. The eye becomes phthisical and filled with islands of calcified cells within a mass of fibrous tissue. Prognosis Advances in the diagnosis and management of retinoblastoma have significantly improved the prognosis. Photocoagulation: When retinoblastoma is smaller than 3 mm in apical height and less than 10 mm Second Tumor in basal diameter, a direct photocoagulation the retinoblastoma survivors are prone to develop treatment is done over the entire tumor. All patients of located tumors are managed by cryotherapy retinoblastoma must be followed at regular which is applied under direct vision with a triple intervals—six weekly for six months and six freeze-thaw technique. The near relatives of External beam radiation therapy: Retinoblastomas the patients of retinoblastoma should also be are sensitive to radiation.

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If the patient has healthy lungs medications januvia purchase hydrea us, then one can assume that the SpvO2 on room air approaches 100% medicine 3x a day purchase hydrea 500mg overnight delivery. If the patient is not severely anemic or septic 68w medications best order hydrea, and has good cardiac function, one can also assume that the systemic arterial-venous oxygenation difference (SaO2 – SmvO2) will be about 25%. This allows for the ductus to provide blood flow to structures when the cardiovascular development creates a situation in which oxygenation or perfusion is impaired by congenital heart disease. Side effects include 475 Vasodilation and capillary leak Hypotension Jitteriness Temperature elevation Hypocalcemia Inhibition of platelet aggregation Apnea (one must be ready to intubate when starting Prostaglandins! Widened fontanels, pre-tibial swelling and soft tissue swelling are seen in infusions > 9days. Sign-out of these infants off shift should include the acceptable parameters for the laboratory work that will be done and who to contact (sub-specialty services) for changes in clinical status. Cold stress increases free fatty acids, which promote insulin secretion and can cause a reactive hypoglycemia. To counter these heat losses: Pre-heat the radiant warmer Have the transport Isolette pre-warmed Have warm towels available Gently dry the infant and remove wet linens quickly Put a hat on the infant > greatest area of heat loss is through scalp Very immature infant: Saran™ Wrap may be used to cover head (but not face) and limbs About 90% of babies are born vigorous. Bradycardia is almost always due to a suboptimal airway and failure to achieve adequate oxygenation. Occasionally difficult resuscitations require volume expansion in the delivery room. Introduction Ideally, there would be clinical evidence to use to determine which therapies should be administered to each of our patients. The most common and simplest forms of clinical research are case reports and case series or institutional experiences. These types of reports make up a large portion of the pediatric surgical literature as many of the diseases we treat are rare and not amenable to large prospective trials. These studies have inherent biases as they are retrospective and usually represent either a single surgeon or single center’s experience. Despite these limitations, these reports do provide at least an expert opinion or experience that can be used to draw some information about a disease or treatment and outcomes. The value of these types of studies is limited by selection bias but, often, they are the only types of data available. On a larger scale, outcomes studies or comparative effectiveness studies are being performed using databases. The databases for these studies can be institutional registries or data warehouses, multi-institutional registries such as the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization registry, state or national registries such as the National Trauma Data Bank, or large multi-institutional administrative databases such as the Pediatric Health Information System database or the Kids Inpatient database. In all database studies, groups of patients, treatments or outcomes of interest must be identified. It is critical that the identification and grouping of patients, treatments, and outcomes be described and validated as completely as possible. This is where the reliability and validity of these studies must be carefully evaluated. Each database will have varying levels of reliability with different rates of misclassification of variables and missing data. These limitations should be addressed and reported as completely as possible in each study. Prospective observational studies or prospective registries represent slightly higher levels of evidence. These studies identify variables to be collected and then prospective collecting the data. These are less biased because the data is defined and 485 collected prospectively for important variables, which can control for severity of illness. Although valuable, these studies are limited to establishing associations between variables or treatments and outcomes and cannot directly prove causality. In addition, for conditions that occur infrequently, recruitment of enough patients to adequately power a trial may not be feasible or may require a large multi-institutional effort,which would significantly increase the cost. Further available types of clinical research include systematic reviews and expert consensus guidelines. Systematic reviews are literature reviews about a particular treatment that will use techniques of meta-analysis to understand the effectiveness of a therapy across multiple studies. These reviews can provide measures of the consistency of the treatment effects of a therapy across studies, insights into why different trials had varying results, and when appropriate, combine the results of the individual studies to provide an overall estimate of the treatment effect of a therapy [9, 10, 27]. Expert consensus guidelines are becoming more common in critical care with multiple guidelines being developed and sponsored by medical societies such as the Society of Critical Care Medicine, American Thoracic Society, American College of 487 Cardiology, and Infectious Disease Society of America.

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It is prudent to symptoms 9 days past iui order cheap hydrea on-line tell patients to symptoms 89 nissan pickup pcv valve bad buy hydrea line be aware and 2 — Herb/nutrient–drug interacseek advice if they are concerned treatment yeast uti discount hydrea online amex. Beneficial interaction possible — prescribing the interacting substance may improve clinical outcomes; for example, reducing drug requirements, complementing drug effects, reducing drug side-effects, counteracting nutritional deficiencies caused by drugs, alleviating drug withdrawal symptoms, and enhancing patient wellbeing. Increased vitamin C intake may be required with long-term therapy Willowbark Increased bruising Observe Theoretically may enhance anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet and bleeding Beneficial interaction effects. It is uncertain what implications this observation has for use of Commiphora molmol Turmeric Increased bruising Observe with Curcumin inhibits platelet aggregation in vitro and in vivo — and bleeding concentrated extracts clinical significance unknown Aspirin Grapeseed extract Additive effects Beneficial interaction Theoretically may enhance antiplatelet and anti-inflammatory possible activity of aspirin Meadowsweet Increased bruising Observe — beneficial Theoretically may enhance anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet and bleeding interaction possible effects Policosanol Increased bruising Observe Doses >10 mg/day may inhibit platelet aggregation and bleeding Vitamin C Decreased vitamin Observe Aspirin may interfere with both absorption and cellular uptake C effects mechanisms for vitamin C, thereby increasing vitamin C requirements, as observed in animal and human studies. Increased vitamin C intake may be required with long-term therapy Willowbark Increased bruising Caution with high dose Theoretically may enhance anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet and bleeding (>240 mg/day) effects. Although a clinical study found that consumption of salicin 240 mg/day produced minimal effects on platelet aggregation, higher doses may have a significant effect 2 — Herb/nutrient–drug interactions 1441 © 2007 Elsevier Australia Drug Herb/Supplement Potential Recommendation Evidence/Comments outcome Antihypertensive agents Antihypertensive Essential fatty acids Increased drug Observe — beneficial Both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids exhibit antihypertensive drugs — omega-3 and effects interaction possible activity omega-6 Evening primrose oil Additive effects Observe — monitor Evening primrose oil has been shown to enhance the effects of drug requirements several antihypertensive drugs, including dihydralazine, clonidine (interaction may be and captopril in rats under experimental conditions beneficial) Guarana Antagonistic effects Caution Theoretical concern Garlic Additive effects Caution — monitor Clinical trials have shown garlic to reduce blood pressure drug requirements (interaction may be beneficial) Hawthorn Additive effects Caution — monitor Mild antihypertensive activity has been reported with long-term drug requirements use of hawthorn (interaction may be beneficial) Licorice Reduced drug Caution — monitor High-dose glycyrrhizin taken long-term can lead to increased effect blood pressure when blood pressure high-dose licorice preparations are taken for more than 2 weeks Oats (oat-based Additive effects Observe — monitor A clinical trial has shown that ingestion of oat-based cereals cereals) drug requirements decreased blood pressure in 73% of hypertensive patients and (interaction may be reduced drug requirements beneficial) Olive leaf and olive Additive effects Beneficial interaction oil possible Hydralazine Coenzyme Q10 Reduced CoQ10 Beneficial interaction Increased CoQ10 intake may be required with long-term therapy. Apresoline, serum levels possible Alphapress) 2 — Herb/nutrient–drug interactions 1442 © 2007 Elsevier Australia Drug Herb/Supplement Potential Recommendation Evidence/Comments outcome Vitamin B6 Reduced vitamin B6 Separate doses by at A clinical trial has shown that the drug may induce B6 deficiency, (pyridoxine) absorption least 2 hours so increased intake may be required with long-term therapy Methyldopa Coenzyme Q10 Reduced CoQ10 Beneficial interaction Increased CoQ10 intake may be required with long-term therapy. It is uncertain what implications this has for use of Commiphora molmol Vitamin E Reduced drug Observe According to in vitro research, vitamin E inhibits drug uptake in effect human cultured fibroblasts — clinical significance unknown Calcium-channel Calcium Reduced drug Avoid high-dose Calcium may reduce antihypertensive effect of drug blockers effect supplements unless. It is uncertain what implications this has for use of Commiphora molmol Quercetin Increased drug Caution Increased drug bioavailability observed in vivo effects Antimigraine preparations Antimigraine Coenzyme Q10 Additive effects Beneficial interaction CoQ10 demonstrated migraine prevention activity in a clinical preparations possible study Feverfew Additive effects Beneficial interaction Feverfew demonstrated migraine prevention activity in several possible clinical studies Vitamin B2 Additive effects Beneficial interaction Vitamin B2 has demonstrated migraine prevention activity in (riboflavin) possible several clinical studies Clonidine. Coenzyme Q10 Reduced CoQ10 Beneficial interaction In vivo study indicates that clonidine reduces serum CoQ10 Catapres) serum levels possible levels. Increased CoQ10 intake may be required with long-term therapy Cardiac inotropic agents Cardiac Hawthorn Additive effects Caution — monitor Theoretical interaction, as in vitro and in vivo studies indicate glycosides drug requirements that hawthorn has positive inotropic activity (interaction may be Small clinical study found interaction not clinically signficant beneficial) when digoxin 0. A effects medical supervision clinical trial shows that St John’s wort significantly decreases Monitor for signs of serum levels of drug within 10 days of concomitant use reduced drug effectiveness and adjust dose if necessary When St John’s wort is started or ceased, monitor serum levels and alter drug dosage as required Diuretics Diuretics Dandelion leaf Additive effects Observe Theoretically increased diuresis is possible — clinical significance is unknown Guarana Additive diuretic Caution Theoretically increased diuresis and decreased hypotensive effects but Monitor potassium effects are possible — clinical significance is unknown decreased status hypotensive effects of drug Licorice Increased Avoid long-term use Potassium loss may become significant when licorice is used in potassium unless under medical high dose (>100 mg glycyrrhizin daily) for longer than 2 weeks excretion supervision Monitor potassium status Loop diuretics Magnesium Increased Monitor magnesium Increased magnesium intake may be required with long-term magnesium efficacy and status — therapy excretion beneficial interaction possible Stinging nettle Additive effects Observe Theoretically increased diuresis is possible — clinical significance is unknown 2 — Herb/nutrient–drug interactions 1446 © 2007 Elsevier Australia Drug Herb/Supplement Potential Recommendation Evidence/Comments outcome Vitamin B1 (thiamin) Reduced B1 levels Monitor B1 efficacy and Increased B1 intake may be required with long-term therapy status — beneficial interaction possible Zinc Increased urinary Monitor zinc efficacy Increased zinc intake may be required with long-term therapy zinc excretion and status — beneficial interaction possible PotassiumMagnesium Increased Observe sparing diuretics magnesium effects Thiazide Calcium Decreased urinary Observe diuretics calcium excretion Monitor serum calcium and look for signs of hypercalcaemia Magnesium Increased Monitor magnesium Increased magnesium intake may be required with long-term magnesium efficacy and status — therapy excretion beneficial interaction possible Zinc Increased urinary Monitor zinc efficacy Increased zinc intake may be required with long-term therapy zinc excretion and status — beneficial interaction possible HydroCoenzyme Q10 Reduced CoQ10 Beneficial interaction Increased CoQ10 intake may be required with long-term therapy chlorothiazide serum levels possible. Diclotride) Vitamin B12 Reduces hyperBeneficial interaction Hydrochlorothiazide may increase homocysteine levels homocysteinaemia possible in conjunction with folate Hypolipidaemic agents Hypolipidaemic Chromium Additive effects Observe — monitor Clinical trials indicate that chromium reduces total cholesterol agents drug requirements levels (interaction may be beneficial) 2 — Herb/nutrient–drug interactions 1447 © 2007 Elsevier Australia Drug Herb/Supplement Potential Recommendation Evidence/Comments outcome Garlic Additive effects Observe — monitor A meta-analysis of 13 clinical trials concluded that garlic drug requirements significantly reduces total cholesterol levels — effects are (interaction may be described as modest beneficial) Myrrh Additive effects Observe — monitor Guggul has demonstrated cholesterol-lowering activity in several drug requirements clinical studies (interaction may be beneficial for guggul preparations) Oats (oat-based Additive effects Beneficial interaction Clinical trials indicate that oat-based cereals reduce total cereals) possible — monitor cholesterol levels drug requirements Policosanol Additive effects Caution, although Policosanol may theoretically increase cholesterol-lowering beneficial interaction effects of statins, but a theoretical concern exists as to whether possible under medical concurrent use will also increase incidence of adverse effects supervision Vitamin B3 (niacin) Additive effects Beneficial interaction Several clinical trials confirm the cholesterol-lowering activity of possible — caution with niacin and the safety of niacin with statins, but the sustainedsustained-release form release form may be unsafe Cholestyramine Fat-soluble vitamins Reduced vitamin Separate doses by at Increased vitamin intake may be required with long-term therapy. Questran (A, D, E, K, betaabsorption least 4 hours and lite, colestipol carotene) monitor vitamin status [e. Colestid]) Folate Reduced folate Separate doses by at Increased vitamin intake may be required with long-term therapy absorption least 4 hours and monitor iron status Iron Reduced iron Separate doses by at Increased iron intake may be required with long-term therapy absorption least 4 hours and monitor iron status Vitamin E Reduced vitamin Separate doses by at Increased vitamin intake may be required with long-term therapy absorption least 4 hours and monitor vitamin status 2 — Herb/nutrient–drug interactions 1448 © 2007 Elsevier Australia Drug Herb/Supplement Potential Recommendation Evidence/Comments outcome Chitosan Vitamin C May increase Beneficial interation cholesterolpossible lowering effect Fibric-acid Coenzyme Q10 Reduced CoQ10 Beneficial interaction Increased CoQ10 intake may be required with long-term therapy derivatives. Fish oils Additive effects Beneficial interaction A clinical trial suggests improved lipid-lowering effects when Pravachol) possible used concurrently Simvastatin. Increased intake may be required deficiency with long-term therapy Beneficial interaction possible Phenobarbitone Celery Prolonged action Caution Celery juice has been found to prolong the action of phenobarbitone in rats — clinical significance unknown Kava kava Increased sedation Caution Withania Increased sedation Observe although beneficial interaction possible Phenobarbitone Kava kava Increased sedation Caution and phenytoin St John’s wort Decreased drug Avoid — monitor drug effects (increased requirements. Ginkgo biloba Increased drug Observe — beneficial Three clinical trials demonstrate that ginkgo increases drug Serenace) effects and reduced interaction possible effectiveness side-effects under professional supervision Iron Reduced iron effect Monitor iron status May cause decreased blood levels of iron — clinical significance unclear. Increased iron intake may be required with long-term therapy Quercetin Reduced drug sideBeneficial interaction According to in vivo studies, reduced chewing movements and effects possible tongue protrusions possible with concurrent use Phenothiazines Evening primrose oil Reduced drug Avoid concomitant use Several case reports suggest that evening primrose oil may. Increased calcium intake may be required with long-term therapy Chromium Reduced sideBeneficial interaction Corticosteroids increase urinary losses of chromium, and effects possible chromium supplementation has been shown to aid in recovery from steroid-induced diabetes mellitus Licorice Additive effects Beneficial interaction Concurrent use of licorice preparations potentiates the effects of possible but patients topical and oral corticosteroids. Some practitioners use closely for corticosteroid licorice to minimise requirements for, or to aid in withdrawal of, excess corticosteroid medications Vitamin C Reduced vitamin C Beneficial interaction May increase requirement for vitamin C. Fosamax) absorption least 2 hours calcium is required for optimal drug effects and Etidronate. Oroxine) absorption hours Celery Decreased drug Observe One case report suggests that celery extract may reduce drug effect effects. Clinical significance unknown Horseradish Increased drug Observe Isothiocyanates may inhibit thyroxine formation and be requirement Monitor thyroid goitrogenic, although this has not been demonstrated clinically function. Vitamin E Reduced vitamin Separate doses by at Increased vitamin intake may be required with long-term therapy Carafate, Ulcyte) absorption least 4 hours Monitor vitamin status Calcium Reduced calcium Monitor calcium status Calcium supplementation may be required absorption Gastric-acid Folate Reduced folate Separate doses by 2–3 inhibitors absorption hours (proton-pump inhibitors [e. A metaeffects possible analysis of nine studies found that Lactobacilli and Saccharomyces boulardii successfully prevent antibiotic-induced diarrhoea. Increase intake with antibiotic therapy 2 — Herb/nutrient–drug interactions 1466 © 2007 Elsevier Australia Drug Herb/Supplement Potential Recommendation Evidence/Comments outcome Soy Reduced phytoInhibits metabolism of oestrogen effect isoflavones to equol through inhibition of intestinal microflora Vitamin B1 (thiamin) Reduces Beneficial interaction Increase dietary intake or consider supplementation with longendogenous possible term therapy vitamin production Vitamin B5 Reduces Beneficial interaction Increase dietary intake or consider supplementation with long(pantothenic acid) endogenous possible term therapy vitamin production Aminoglycoside Magnesium Decreased Caution Aminoglycosides may deplete magnesium levels and result in s. Increased magnesium may be required gentamicin) absorption symptoms of with long-term therapy magnesium deficiency Quinolone Calcium Reduced drug Separate antibiotic dose antibiotics.

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