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By: H. Tempeck, MD

Deputy Director, University of Washington School of Medicine

Asthma women's health issues in the military purchase female viagra 100mg online, bronchospasms menstrual cramps 5 weeks pregnant purchase female viagra 100mg with mastercard, or unconthelium disorder women's health clinic edinburg tx buy cheap female viagra, dry eye, allergic controlled obstructive pulmonary disease junctivitis, contact dermatitis, (2)? Patients with bronchial asthma, bronchial smooth muscle contraction chospasms, or a history thereof, caused by? Patients with uncontrolled heart failure, tive pulmonary disease (may induce/ sinus bradycardia, ventricular block aggravate asthma attacks due to bron(grades? Patients with a history of hypersensitivshock (these symptoms may be aggraity to any ingredients of the drug vated due to a negative chronotropic/? Patients with a history of hypersensitivtor blockade) ity to any ingredients of the drug 3. Patients with uncontrolled heart failure tivity to any ingredients of the drug (symptoms may be aggravated) To be administered with caution in the 3. Women who are pregnant or who may following cases: possibly be pregnant (increased embrySame as? Patients with severe renal damage gation or ventricular arrhythmia To be administered with caution in the may occur) following cases: 2. Should not be administered for long Patients with liver function disorders periods to the following patients: (2) Oral and injection preparations A. Patients with chronic angle-closure Nonproprietary name glaucoma (aggravation of glaucoAcetazolamide ma may be masked) Action To be administered with caution in the Decreases aqueous production following cases: Dosage and administration 1. Patients with serious coronary scleroof 250-1,000 mg daily sis or cerebral arteriosclerosis Acetazolamide injection: Intravenous or 3. Patients with liver disease/liver funcmg daily tion disorders Main adverse effects 5. Patients with serious hypercapnia Transient myopia, numbness of the requiring a respirator, etc. Infants fatigueability, systemic malaise, drowsiness, dizziness, reduced libido, depres6) Hyperosmotics sion, mental confusion, aplastic anemia, (1) Mannitol hemolytic anemia, agranulocytosis, drug Nonproprietary name eruption, mucocutaneous ocular synD-mannitol drome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), toxAction ic epidermal necrolysis (Lyell syndrome), Decreases vitreous volume shock Dosage and administration Contraindications 20% D-mannitol 1. Should not be administered to the fol15% D-mannitol + 10% fructose lowing patients: 15% D-mannitol + 5% D-sorbitol A. Patients with a history of hypersenthe usual dose is intravenous drip infusitivity to the ingredients of the sion of 0. Patients with acute intracranial Patients with congenital abnormalities of hematomas (in patients with suspectglycerin or fructose metabolism (severe ed acute intracranial hematomas, if hypoglycemia may occur) the drug is administered without rulTo be administered with caution in the ing out the presence of an intracranial following cases: hematoma, in the event of transient 1. For the intravenous preparation, intracranial pressure decreases, so the patients with kidney disorders drug should not be administered until 4. For the intravenous preparation, the bleeding source has been treated patients with diabetes insipidus and the risk of renewed hemorrhage (3) Isosorbide has been ruled out) Nonproprietary name 2. In the case of preparations with added Isobide fructose, patients with hereditary frucAction tose intolerance (as such patients canDecreases vitreous volume not metabolize fructose normally, Dosage and administration hypoglycemia, etc. Patients with urinary retention or renal Contraindications function disorders Patients with acute intracranial hema3. Elderly patients administered without ruling out the pres(2) Glycerin ence of an intracranial hematoma, in the Nonproprietary name event of transient hemostasis due to Glycerin intracranial pressure, bleeding may Action resume when intracranial pressure Decreases vitreous volume decreases, so the drug should not be Dosage and administration administered until the bleeding source 50% glycerin p. Patients with urinary retention or renal Headache, dizziness, thirst, nausea, diarfunction disorders rhea, rigor, diuresis, and for the intrave3. Methods of observing the fundus oculi red-free light is recommended for the detection As a rule, in observation of the optic disc and of tiny defects in the retinal nerve fiber layer. In observation should be conducted with sufficient the case of a fundus camera not having a red-free light. Observation points for the optic disc and retito sufficiently magnify the fundus image, and in nal nerve fiber layer this sense, observation using a direct ophthalmothe four methods for observing the fundus scope is recommended. Except when the ocular oculi discussed above are used as appropriate in medium is highly opaque, which makes observaorder to evaluate whether or not there are any tion with a direct ophthalmoscope difficult, indiabnormalities due to glaucoma in the optic disc rect ophthalmoscopy using a lens with a low and retinal nerve fiber layer. Observation methmagnification, such as 14 or 20 D, is unsuitable ods can roughly be divided into (1) qualitative for observation because the optic disc image will assessment and (2) quantitative assessment. In Shape of optic disc this case, a lens for observing the fundus oculi is Shape of the cup of the optic disc (referred to used in slit-lamp microscopy. Using a slit beam, the width Hemorrhaging of the optic disc (referred to and depth of the cup can be observed with strong in the following as disc hemorrhage) magnification. Caution is Defects in the retinal nerve fiber layer required in this case, as the image is inverted. A stereoscopic camera speaking, in myopic eyes of 8 D or below, provides optimum results.

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The hospital team led by the team leader menstrual type cramps 37 weeks female viagra 100 mg with amex, triage ofcer menopause 35 100mg female viagra with mastercard, head nurse will at times have to breast cancer 49ers beanie order female viagra 50 mg amex improvise and invent new protocols and procedures to meet new circumstances. One should not be dogmatic, but rather understand the philosophy and logic of the triage process, and adapt to new situations in accordance with that logic. Each casualty should be appropriately identifed, numbered, and assigned a medical chart. This could be colour-coded tags tied around a hand or foot, or hung around the neck. Writing an indelible number on the forehead or chest only creates confusion with a change in Category. This basic information is particularly important if patients are being transferred to another facility. A list of admitted or treated patients is necessary so that people who come looking for their relatives or friends may be informed. The local authorities may require information about the number of admissions and deaths. This scene illustrates proper organization, which requires planning of the space, infrastructure, equipment, supplies and personnel. This scene illustrates proper organization, which involves planning of the space and Figure 9. The hospital team must be prepared for any kind of crisis: every hospital should have a disaster/triage plan (see Annex 9. Everyone working in the hospital should be aware of the plan and their respective role during a crisis. The plan should be put into operation as soon as notice is given of the expected arrival of mass casualties. It should include the mechanism for deciding who declares the emergency and under what conditions to implement the plan. The ordinary operating list and other routine activities should be suspended until the situation is resolved. This kind of organization does not require money or special technology; only time, efort, discipline and motivation. Any disaster plan should be an extension of the normal hospital routines, and the roles allocated to individual staf remain as close as possible to their familiar daily work. A simple emergency plan: personnel, space, infrastructure, equipment, supplies = system. He is usually designated to announce the onset of the hospital triage plan; he then coordinates the work of the diferent units and services, and makes sure that all departments are informed. The triage team leader maintains an overview of the situation, including a constant reassessment to determine the need for additional staf, supplies, and ward areas. In addition, he must be aware of events outside the hospital, maintaining contact with relevant authorities in order to anticipate any new arrival of casualties due to continuing combat. There has been much discussion about who should perform triage: surgeon or anaesthetist? The logic of triage demands that the most experienced and respected person willing and able to take on the responsibility should do so. This person must know how to organize the emergency room/triage area and have a good understanding of the functioning and capacity of the hospital. Even more importantly, the hospital team must be able to live with the decisions taken by the triage ofcer. Staf members, relatives, and military commanders might try to infuence the triage decisions; nevertheless, these should be made on purely medical grounds. This can be especially difcult in a public hospital where friends and family members of the hospital staf may be among the victims. Deciding priority of treatment solely on the basis of medical need and resources available when the injured include close relatives of the personnel may be a heart-wrenching decision. As a consequence, the experience of the triage ofcer and the respect with which the personnel hold the triage ofcer must be beyond reproach. Triage Ofcer No task in medicine requires greater understanding, skill, and judgement than the categorization of casualties and the establishment of priorities for treatment.

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The systemic exposure of apixaban is 14% lower on dialysis when compared to menstrual seizures best 100 mg female viagra not on dialysis breast cancer slogans discount female viagra 100mg on line. Systemic exposures of unbound apixaban in male and female rats at the highest dose tested (600 mg/kg/day) were 2 and 4 times breast cancer ultrasound results discount female viagra 100 mg on-line, respectively, the human exposure. Adverse effects in the Ischemic with F1-generation female offspring were limited to decreased mating and fertility indices at 12 (0. Component Atrial Fibrillation counts are for subjects with any event, not necessarily the first. All-cause death was assessed using a sequential testing strategy that allowed testing for superiority if effects on earlier endpoints (stroke plus systemic embolus and major A total of 18,201 patients were randomized and followed on study treatment for a bleeding) were demonstrated. Superiority to warfarin was primarily attributable to a reduction in hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic strokes with hemorrhagic conversion compared to warfarin. The 95% confidence limits that are shown do not take into account how many comparisons were made, nor do they reflect the effect of a particular factor after adjustment for all other factors. During the 30 days following the end of the study, there were n (%/year) n (%/year) 21 stroke or systemic embolism events in the 6791 patients (0. A total of 11,659 patients were randomized in 3 double-blind, multi-national studies. Number of N=1254 N=1207 N=1192 N=1199 the effcacy data are provided in Tables 11 and 12. All key safety and effcacy endpoints were adjudicated in a blinded Number of Patients N=2196 N=2190 manner by an independent committee. Patients were allowed to enter the study with or without prior parenteral anticoagulation (up to 48 hours). Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure if your medicine is one listed above. Tell your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness, especially in your legs and feet. Keep a list of them to show your doctor and pharmacist when you get a new medicine. Call your doctor or get medical help right away if you have any of the following symptoms. Inactive ingredients: anhydrous lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, sodium lauryl sulfate, and magnesium stearate. The film coating contains lactose monohydrate, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, triacetin, and yellow iron oxide (2. No data inform use in patients with creatinine clearance <15 mL/min or on dialysis. Patients should be made aware of signs and symptoms of blood loss and instructed to report them immediately or go to an emergency room. There is no established way to reverse the anticoagulant effect of apixaban, which can be expected to persist for about 24 hours after the last dose, i. Because of high plasma protein binding, apixaban is not expected to be dialyzable [see Clinical Pharmacology (12. Protamine sulfate and vitamin K would not be expected to affect the anticoagulant activity of apixaban. There is no experience with antifibrinolytic agents (tranexamic acid, aminocaproic acid) in individuals receiving apixaban. There is neither scientific rationale for reversal nor experience with systemic hemostatics (desmopressin and aprotinin) in individuals receiving apixaban. Activated oral charcoal reduces absorption of apixaban, thereby lowering apixaban plasma concentration [see Overdosage (10)]. Major bleeding was defined as clinically overt bleeding that was accompanied by one or more of the following: a decrease in hemoglobin of 2 g/dL or more; a transfusion of 2 or more units of packed red blood cells; bleeding that occurred in at least one of the following critical sites: intracranial, intraspinal, intraocular, pericardial, intra-articular, intramuscular with compartment syndrome, retroperitoneal; or bleeding that was fatal. Intracranial hemorrhage included intracerebral (hemorrhagic stroke), subarachnoid, and subdural bleeds. Events associated with each endpoint were counted once per subject, but subjects may have contributed events to multiple endpoints. Treatment is likely to increase the risk of hemorrhage during pregnancy and delivery. Treatment of pregnant rats, rabbits, and mice after implantation until the end of gestation resulted in fetal exposure to apixaban, but was not associated with increased risk for fetal malformations or toxicity.

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In this type of studies breast cancer komen purchase 100 mg female viagra with amex, it is important to pregnancy kidney pain buy female viagra canada carefully consider the path length of light in tissue if these types of measurements are to women's health issues in uganda purchase 50mg female viagra free shipping be quantitative. There exists a complex relationship between the concentration of a chromophore and its absorption cross-section and? This process termed photosensitizer photobleaching has since been investigated in numerous pre-clinical studies for many photosensitizers. First, it is critical to understand the mechanisms underlying the processes surrounding? These can be different for different photosensitizers and different for different environments. Second, just as for pharmacokinetic measurements it is disappointing that very few clinical studies have incorporated these types of measurements. The predominant absorbers in the visible region of the spectrum in tissue are oxyand deoxhemoglobin. These can and have been used to determine variations in physiological parameters such as blood saturation and blood content (volume). Here, other novel approaches such as laser speckle imaging [338] and diffuse correlation spectroscopy [339] have been utilized to monitor blood? More recently we (summarized in [342]) and others [343] have been working on approaches to recover the intrinsic? These so-called theranostic agents are used to simultaneously diagnose and treat cancers and other diseases. These nanomaterials are able to absorb light in the region outside that of tissue auto? These multifunctional nanoplatforms can become even more complex by incorporation of chemotherapeutics [355,360]. Few pre-clinical studies have shown the occurrence of tumor immunogenicity, control of distant disease and protection for further tumor challenges [76,363]. In addition, the combination therapy led to improved local and metastatic tumor growth inhibition and enhanced anti-tumor immunity [372]. Moreover, it can be used either pre-, intraor post-operatively and in combination with other modalities to improve treatment outcome. Due to its mode of action it can easily be used in conjunction with other treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. First of all, there is a lack of randomized controlled clinical trials of adequate power. This can be a barrier to widespread clinical use after clinical trials have ended. Even though Photofrin proves to be effective in most studies, it is still held back by its side effects and its lack of light penetration, which does not encourage its use. However, such studies are scarce and further research is needed to support these data. It is also possible to take advantage of hypoxia by co-delivering drugs that are activated under low oxygen conditions. This way tissue re-oxygenation can take place whilst still damaging tumor tissues. Theranostics are often built around nanocarriers which can also be used to implement other therapeutics to create multifunctional agents capable of diagnosing disease and simultaneously treat it with different therapeutics. Clinical studies show its enormous potential while preclinical studies indicate there still is room for improvement on multiple fronts. Acknowledgments: Vida Mashayekhi and Sabrina Oliveira are supported by the European Research Council, Starting Grant project number 677582. Die Sensibilisierende Wirkung Fluorescierender Substanzen: Gesammelte Untersuchungen uber die Photodynamische Erscheinung; F. Untersuchungen uber die biologische photodynamische wirkung des hematoporphyrins und anderer derivative des blut und galenafarbstoffs. The photodegradation of porphyrins in cells can be used to estimate the lifetime of singlet oxygen. Characterization of photofrin photobleaching for singlet oxygen dose estimation during photodynamic therapy of mll cells in vitro.

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Both the paramedic and the patient will bring cultural stereotypes to pregnancy 0-8 weeks discount female viagra 50mg visa a professional relationship menstrual blood 50mg female viagra with amex. Space a) Intimate zone b) Personal distance c) Social distance d) Public distance xiv breast cancer 1a purchase cheapest female viagra. Cultural issues a) Variety of space b) Accept the sick role in different ways c) Nonverbal communication may be perceived differently d) Asian, Native Americans, Indochinese, and Arabs may consider direct eye contact impolite or aggressive e) Touch f) Language barrier xv. Role of courts a) Court of original jurisdiction trial by judge or jury b) Appeals and precedents d. Ryan White Act Page 30 of 385 Anatomy and Physiology Paramedic Education Standard Integrates a complex depth and comprehensive breadth of knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of all human systems. Changes in air pressure that occur within the thoracic cavity during respiration i. Medulla and autonomic nervous system regulation of the diameter of the blood vessels 16. Location, Structure, and Function of the Stomach, Small intestine, Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas Page 48 of 385 J. Menstrual Cycle in Terms of Changes in Hormone Levels and the Condition of the Endometrium I. Metabolism, Catabolism, Anabolism, Basal Metabolic Rate, Kilo-Calories Page 52 of 385 D. Significance of caloric value of foods Page 53 of 385 Medical Terminology Medical Terminology Paramedic Education Standard Integrates comprehensive anatomical and medical terminology and abbreviations into the written and oral communication with colleagues and other health care professionals. Body Systems Page 54 of 385 Pathophysiology Pathophysiology Paramedic Education Standard Integrates comprehensive knowledge of pathophysiology of major human systems. Perform one function or act in concert with other cells to perform a more complex task C. Bacteria produce enzymes or toxins a) Toxins i) Exotoxins ii) Endotoxins b) Fever is caused pyrogens c) Inflammation d) Hypersensitivity e) Bacteremia or Septicemia c. Vascular endothelial damage, neuroendocrine response, and release of inflammatory mediators c. Pituitary gland and adrenal cortex sensitivity to emotional, psychologic and social influences 4. Financial burdens Page 75 of 385 Public Health Public Health Paramedic Education Standard Applies fundamental knowledge of principles of public health and epidemiology including public health emergencies, health promotion, and illness and injury prevention. Techniques of Medication Administration (Advantages, Disadvantages, Techniques) 1. Fever Reaction Page 86 of 385 Pharmacology Emergency Medications Paramedic Education Standard Integrates comprehensive knowledge of pharmacology to formulate a treatment plan intended to mitigate emergencies and improve the overall health of the patient. Individual training programs have the authority to add any medication used locally by paramedic. Thiamine Page 88 of 385 Airway Management, Respiration, and Artificial Ventilation Airway Management Paramedic Education Standard Integrates complex knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology into the assessment to develop and implement a treatment plan with the goal of assuring a patent airway, adequate mechanical ventilation, and respiration for patients of all ages. See Special Patient Populations section Page 92 of 385 Airway Management, Respiration, and Artificial Ventilation Respiration Paramedic Education Standard Integrates complex knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology into the assessment to develop and implement a treatment plan with the goal of assuring a patent airway, adequate mechanical ventilation, and respiration for patients of all ages. Blood volume circulation disturbances due to Cardiac, Trauma, Systemic Vascular Resistance 1. Precapillary arterioles and smooth muscle effects of alpha and beta cholinergic receptors, effects of hypoxia, acidosis, temperature changes, neural factors and catecholamines. Cell and tissue beds and disruptions of membrane integrity, enzyme systems and acid-base balance. Disruptions in oxygen transport associated with diminished oxygen carrying capacity 1. Age-Related Variations in Pediatric and Geriatric Patients Page 98 of 385 Airway Management, Respiration, and Artificial Ventilation Artificial Ventilation Paramedic Education Standard Integrates complex knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology into the assessment to develop and implement a treatment plan with the goal of assuring a patent airway, adequate mechanical ventilation, and respiration for patients of all ages. Review of the physiologic differences between normal and positive pressure ventilation C. AgeRelated Variations in Pediatric and Geriatric Patients Page 100 of 385 Patient Assessment Scene Size-Up Paramedic Education Standard Integrates scene and patient assessment findings with knowledge of epidemiology and pathophysiology to form a field impression.

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